Cameron Diaz on Being Auntie

Originally published on Savvy Auntie.

Cameron Diaz’s appearance on this morning’s Today Show gave viewers a glimpse of What to Expect When You’re Expecting – literally. Present at the births of three of her sister’s children, Cameron shared:  “I have so much experience with children. I mean, I’m an auntie for fifteen years. I have a fifteen-, a twelve-, eleven-, and a three-year-old currently, and I have plenty of friends who have children; so, I’ve had kids in my life for a long time. So, I know what it takes to be with children, and I love kids… I’ve been in the room with three births, three of my sister’s births – all three of them.”

Diaz, who is currently single and has no children, confided that the experience of becoming an aunt helped her gain insight on being a mom, “Since they were my nieces and nephew, I was very invested in it, the emotion there. You’re waiting for the child to come. You’re waiting to love this child, and the intensity of that, all the fear, the terror, the excitement, the joy, everything that’s present in the room at that moment is just so tangible, it’s so beautiful, and we really wanted to bring that to the scene.”

This is not the first time that Cameron has gushed about her love for her nieces and nephew.  Often in interviews she has noted how proud she is to be an auntie, how important that role is to her, and how she’s quite happy to be an aunt and a career woman for now, without having children.

Her new film, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, follows the stories of five couples; Diaz plays the part of a reality show fitness trainer who is dealing with a surprise pregnancy and just can’t seem to “compromise” with her boyfriend when it comes to the important decisions of parenthood.Because of her status as beloved auntie, Cameron was able to relate to the experience of becoming a mom, the emotional experience of childbirth, and loving her baby with all her heart, since this is how she feels about her nieces and nephews.







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