Cape On, Super Auntie!

Originally published on Savvy Auntie.

April 28th is National Superhero Day, Auntie! It’s the perfect day to celebrate your Super Auntie status with your nieces and nephews.

National Superhero Day was started in 1995 by employees at Marvel Comics. This year, Power Capes, a provider of superhero capes to children across the nation, is encouraging everyone to become heroes in their own communities. So, April 28th is your day to let your super, savvy self shine, Auntie! News anchors and reporters from more than three dozen television stations in more than thirty cities nationwide – from Jacksonville to Los Angeles, Portland to Sacramento – will be sporting Power Capes live on-air to help build awareness for National Superhero Day.

The annual CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Superhero Run in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will also be held on April 28th. They will attempt to break the world record for most superheroes in one place – Dreamworks holds the current record at 1,580!

So, what can you do to celebrate this occasion with your nieces and nephews, Auntie? Here are a few suggestions:

Suit up superhero style!

Every Super Auntie and her niece and nephew sidekicks need a proper outfit. You can always head to the mall or do some online shopping with Power Capes to find the perfect fit. But if you’re interested in sticking to a budget and getting creative, then you might consider fashioning your own superhero cape at home. You can even turn it into a fun art project for your nieces and nephews, Auntie! Find some old cloth or fabric that you no longer use, and have your nieces and nephews create their own custom superhero capes. You can decorate the capes using felt pens or markers, depending on the material, and a visit to your local arts and crafts store can provide you with an array of decorative and affordable embellishments, such as glitter, beads, and even small charms. If your nieces and nephews are eager to complete the look, you might try making your very own superhero masks as well.

Make the entire day super!

There are tons of superheroes in pop culture.  Find out who your nieces and nephews love and why. Their favorites might come from comic books, television, or movies. Of course, if their favorite superhero movie is The Incredibles, which features a prominent superhero costume designer who refuses to design capes, they’ll be especially careful not to trip over their own!

If you already know their favorite superheroes, you might want to decorate the house (or maybe just the living room) and surprise your nieces and nephews when they visit. If it’s a hit, make it an annual celebration! For activities, you can play some free games or read some free digital comics on websites like Marvel Kids GamesHeroes Arcade, or Herotopia – provided you have their parents’ consent. If online gaming isn’t your cup of tea, you can rent or stream their favorite superhero movies or cartoon shows, and spend the afternoon reenacting their favorite scenes. Do you know of any superhero movies that are coming out soon? Summer blockbusters often feature superheroes, and this year is no exception – The Avengers is the next big one to hit theatres. Why confine the celebration to a single day? Consider taking your nieces and nephews out to the movies to catch the next superhero flick.

Talk about being super!

As you engage your nieces and nephews in conversations about their favorite superhero idols or the coolest kinds of superhero powers imaginable, try encouraging them to visualize ways in which they can become superheroes in your community. Ask what superpower they’d want – it can lead to some interesting conversations. Also, help them understand that a helpful, active member of society is just as heroic and commendable as Superman or Spider-Man. Let them know that a simple act of kindness and generosity – helping someone across the street or holding the door open for another person – can be the mark of a modern-day hero.



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