Celebrate National Superhero Day!

Originally published on Chelsea’s Blog.

National Superhero Day is on Saturday, April 28! It’s a wonderful occasion to connect with our little superheroes at home. But what’s a superhero without the proper cape? Fear not, parents, teachers, and guardians! It’s Power Capes to the rescue! With Power Capes, you and your children, ages two and up, can customize your very own superhero capes for National Superhero Day. You can choose from 11 cape colors and more than 25 emblems in order to create your very own, one-of-a-kind cape for under $25. The capes are handmade in Michigan and can be customized to bear the wearers initials. You can also purchase superhero masks and cuffs to complete the look; and if you have a daughter who prefers to be a princess, you can even order a tutu, a fairy princess headband, or a customized princess t-shirt instead. Power Capes has a partner site, Tutu Fabulous, which offers “Tutu Fabulous fashion for Tutu Fabulous girls.” So, you can let your daughter be a Tutu Fabulous princess on April 28th or any other day of the year!

National Superhero Day was started in 1995 by employees at Marvel Comics; and this year, Power Capes is encouraging people across the country to become heroes in their home communities by celebrating on April 28th. News anchors and reporters from more than three dozen stations in more than thirty cities will be sporting Power Capes live on-air to help build awareness for this special day.

April 28th also marks the annual CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Superhero Run in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. They will attempt to break the world record for most superheroes in one place! Dreamworks currently holds the record at 1,580. As a major CASA-supporter, Power Capes hopes to encourage everyone to become superheroes to friends, loved ones, and community members. We can also encourage our children to do the same and become helpful and admirable superheroes at home and at school. You might consider National Superhero Day as an opportunity for helping your child understand that doing good deeds is a great way to become a hero in society.

It might be a good idea to keep Power Capes in mind for your children’s next birthday party or any other day that the little ones feel like running the world. Actress Tori Spelling has purchased superhero capes for one of her son’s birthday parties; and Kevin Costner has also recently ordered capes for his own son’s birthday party, where the guests received their very own personalized Power Capes!

On the Power Capes site, you also have the chance to show some support by donating SuperHero Heart Capes for children who were born with a congenital heart defect. All donations are sent in the form of Gift Cards to Heart Heroes in need, allowing them to design their own capes. Power Capes hopes that children who must endure constant hospital visitations for heart procedures will feel invincible while wearing their “Heart Hero” Capes. You even have the option of sending a supportive message to the child who will receive your Gift Card. In doing so, you can help your child see that donating and being supportive in such cases is in itself an act of heroism.

If you would like to visit the Power Capes website, click here.

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