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Originally published on Chelsea’s Blog.

Greetings, Chelsea Community!

Chelsea is now on Twitter and ready to welcome new followers!

If you’re already on Twitter, please follow @ChelseaBeacon to receive Chelsea’s daily updates. You can also help spread the word about Chelsea’s blog via Retweets (RTs).

If you aren’t on Twitter yet, we encourage you to take advantage of this instrumental social networking tool and join Chelsea in Tweeting for better and stronger relationships with our children.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read text-based messages called “Tweets” (up to 140 characters).

Okay, how do I use Twitter?

Twitter is based on the concept of shadowing others, as they Tweet about their daily lives. You may subscribe to other users in order to read their Tweets – this is known as “following.” When you follow other users, their Tweets will appear on your main Twitter page in reverse chronological order – out-going Tweets that you send will also appear on this page. Tweets are publicly visible by default. You can choose to “protect” your Tweets in the “Tweet privacy” section of your Settings page; doing so will allow only approved users – “followers” – to receive your Tweets, which can be sent directly through or associated apps on your mobile phone.

What should I Tweet about?

You can help Chelsea get the word out about the blog by Replying or Re-Tweeting (RT) whenever blog updates are posted. An RT allows you to repost a message from another Twitter user and share it with your own followers. To RT, simply click on the desired post, and then click on “ReTweet;” you may also use the same action to Reply to a Tweet. You may group your posts together by topic or type with the use of “hashtags” – words or phrases prefixed with the number symbol (e.g., #20PeopleImHappyIMet or #SomethingIGetAlot).

Aside from helping Chelsea spread the word, you can participate in what are called “trending topics” – words, phrases, or topics that are “tagged” at a greater rate than other tags. Trending topics tend to occur during certain events like holidays that prompt people to discuss certain topics, helping Twitter and other users understand what’s happening in the world (e.g., “I hope everyone has a happy #4thofJuly!” or “Have a great #FathersDay!”).

So, help Chelsea by Tweeting your ideas on more effective methods for building stronger and more meaningful relationships with our children!

To sign up, simply provide your full name, email, and password at





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