How to Keep in Touch with College Kids Offline

Originally published on Savvy Auntie and Manilla Blog.

It’s that time of the year again when college-bound nieces and nephews go forth to tackle and conquer the demanding course loads of the fall term. So, what can Auntie do to keep in touch with those busy students aside from logging in to Facebook and Twitter? Here are a few ideas worth trying!

For the Readers
If you and your nieces and nephews share a love for books, you might consider sending them a monthly list of great reads to check out in their spare time. You could go even further and create a page or a short pamphlet of Auntie’s Book Reviews! Jot down some thoughts after finishing a few titles that are niece- or nephew-worthy, and then snail-mail them to your niece’s or nephew’s dorm or apartment each month – or every few months. They are sure to appreciate the book recommendations and the thoughtful gesture that would serve as a constant reminder to them of their Savvy Auntie. This way, you can continue to keep in touch without having to fret over whether or not they’ll have the time to reciprocate when they’re so busy living their college lives!

For the Food Lovers
Is your college niece or nephew experimenting with cooking for the first time? If so, here’s your opportunity to share some of Auntie’s best recipes and cooking tips! Your nieces and nephews will enjoy the delicious reminders of home through some of their Auntie’s tasty dishes. It’s a great way to bond over the long distances while helping them cultivate an important life skill – something their parents would definitely appreciate. Consider sending one in the mail every few weeks; they just might get back to you with some burning questions (pun intended) and cooking concerns!

For the Gamers
If you’ve got computer-gaming nieces and nephews, chances are they’re going to need a lifeline or two once they get back to college campus routines – if you know them to be technologically obsessed, you’ll have realized that the only times they move from their computers or gaming consoles are when their chargers are running low on battery-life. To help them survive their gaming lifestyles, you might want to consider sending emergency care packages that include some of the following: healthy and non-perishable treats, a refillable water bottle, batteries, to-do list notepads, pens and pencils, mesh laundry bags, etc. They might also appreciate a few basic reminders (e.g., take out the trash or do laundry) to help keep them on track so that they can occasionally refocus on life outside their virtual realities.

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