Incredible Uncle Jake Gyllenhaal

Originally published on Savvy Auntie.

With no children of his own yet, actor Jake Gyllenhaal gave a statement on WBDTD‘s Anderson Live about his “incredible” uncling to his nieces, 6-year-old Ramona and 5-month-old Gloria Ray. According to Gyllenhaal, the girls have been helping him better “navigate the world of sibling stuff.”

Affectionately calling his nieces “extraordinary,” Gyllenhaal mentioned that the births of Ramona and Gloria Ray were “the best thing that happened to [his] family probably ever” and that he has since loved his new role, striving to be the best uncle to both girls.

In the interview, Gyllenhaal, 31, explained how watching over the two girls as they continue to discover and nurture their sibling relationship, shed light on his own competitive sibling relationship that he experienced as he was growing up with his older sister, Maggie, 34: “Even at this age, my older niece will come up to her [sister] and joke to her, and she’ll laugh; and then she’ll run away, and she starts to cry.”

Gyllenhaal has observed that his younger niece, Gloria Ray, even at this age, is “desperately in love with her older sibling,” highlighting the similarities between Gyllenhaal and Maggie.

Confiding in Cooper, Gyllenhaal stated that he and Maggie continue to be hard on each other yet supportive when it comes to their acting careers: “It’s a similar dynamic between me and my sister to this day. I think we are each other’s toughest critics, but we also, I think, love each other’s work more than anyone else.”

Photo: Siebbi


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