Celebrate Children’s Magazine Month with Chelsea’s Beacon!

Originally published on Chelsea’s Blog and Chelsea’s Beacon!

To all principals, teachers, parents, and advisers:

It’s Children’s Magazine Month! Now is the perfect time to have Chelsea’s Beacon, our online children’s magazine created specifically for teachers and students, as your educational ally! The main purpose of Chelsea’s Beacon is not to instruct but rather to inspire our young readers and encourage them to cultivate a desire for learning.

We hope to support the efforts of our nation’s teachers through less conventional methods in order to promote excellence and greater effort among elementary students. Our creative approach opens the door to alternative learning styles and more innovative ways of thinking and imagining possibilities for the future. With the help of Chelsea’s Beacon, teachers may take full advantage of technology while increasing students’ interests in their studies and giving them a greater appreciation for their teachers.

Chelsea’s Beacon is meant to complement our school systems and in no way serves as a substitute for conventional methods of teaching. Our children’s magazine contains tools that can assist teachers and supplement their hard work, such as The Quality Effort Award, which allows teachers to acknowledge the efforts that their students exhibit in their schoolwork without having to reach into their own pockets. The award does not replace the grades. It recognizes the effort that the students put into their work.

Every child wonders about what the future holds. Every child has a dream for that future.

If we, of Chelsea’s Beacon, can join teachers in helping the children connect their dreams to the knowledge they gain in the classroom, we can inspire in them a sincere and passionate approach to learning.

As you are already well aware, students who continue to struggle with certain subjects often feel very discouraged and are less inclined to further engage with the material, especially if they feel as though they are falling behind the other students. In these particular situations, a student’s self-image can shatter—a reality that may go undetected and trap the student in a permanent state of indifference toward learning.

Chelsea’s Beacon encourages students to see themselves as individuals with something to offer and to approach learning with the drive to achieve and acquire knowledge. Every subject and grade level on the site is accompanied by a short narrative. The short stories we showcase are written to motivate students to strive for improvement and never give up—sending out a positive message that sincere effort will lead to success. We, of Chelsea’s Beacon, hope that students will learn the art of pacing themselves through small, attainable goals, gradually gaining the determination to tackle every challenge that comes their way.

Chelsea’s Beacon hopes to join teachers in the effort to instill in students the desire to learn.

Happy Children’s Magazine Month!

Photo: Courtesy of Sarah C. O’Neill


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