Celeb-Auntie Katy Perry Has a New Niece!

Originally published on Savvy Auntie.

At UNICEF’s recent Snowflake Ball, surprise guest Katy Perry spoke to VF Daily about her involvement in helping to raise awareness for the organization, explaining why UNICEF’s mission to help children worldwide really hit home for her:

I’m just excited to be able to have the time off to refocus all the attention I have to something like this. It’s all about children, and you know what? I’m also excited I have a new niece in our family. And she’s like brand new, like a week old, and she needs a lot of attention. So, I can imagine what’s going on in other countries that don’t have the facilities or the education or all those things—I’m seeing it kind of firsthand, ‘cause it’s the first time in 24 years in my family, so this is making personal sense to me.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Perry Tweeted an image of newborn Kai in the arms of her grandmother.

Prior to Baby Kai’s birth, Perry revealed her excitement for the arrival of her niece on a talk with Extra:

What’s really exciting for me, personally, is that my cousin is having a baby, and she’s having a little girl—and it’s like three days before Thanksgiving. So, we will have a small, tiny, little creature—probably the size of a turkey or a little smaller. That would be a great picture—great Instagram. Put her on a little turkey dish.

So, we will be welcoming her, and she’s like the first child to be born in our family in 20-something years. So, it’s like a big deal.

A big deal, indeed, Baby Kai’s Twitpic to millions of her followers on Twitter was accompanied by this caption: “Hope everyone is having a lovely Tday. Most thankful for my friends & family & welcoming Kai to the group, 1st baby in 24 yrs!”

Photo: www.katyperry.com


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