3 DIY Summer Travel Crafts

Originally published on Manilla Blog.

Are you planning on taking a summer trip with your kids for American Adventures Month? Here are three simple, budget-friendly summer crafts that should help simplify those travel plans!

1. Lunch Bags & Snack Caddies 

-Clean and use Pringles chip containers for homemade cookies. When you’re finished baking, stack the cookies inside the container to keep them from crumbling.

-Bake small cakes or individual cupcakes inside mason jars, as in this example. Bake enough for each child, and tie a spoon to the jar. When the kids are finished eating, keep it green by rinsing out the jar and recycling.

-Reuse old baby wipes containers for individual snack packs. Simply remove the outer label and write your kid’s name on the lid. Then fill the inside with his or her favorite snack packs or some healthy treats (e.g., a small Ziploc bag of baby carrots and string cheese).

2. Activities & Games Car Storage 

-If you’re going on a long road trip, fill a laundry basket with plenty of travel games, cards, crossword puzzles, and numerous other forms of distraction for your kids.

-Use old coffee tumblers or reusable water bottles as pen, pencil, and marker holders. In the car, place the tumblers or bottles in the cup holders for easy reach.

-Place a shower caddy between your kids’ seats for books, magazines, etc.

3. Tech & Media Cases 

-Pack a plastic shoe organizer for all your kids’ portable electronics and video games (e.g., smart phone, MP3, or DS).

-Use blank CD storage cases for any extra cords, chargers, or wires. Just wrap the wires around the middle of the case and close the lid. You can also reuse old toilet paper rolls and a small container or shoebox. Insert the extra wires into each roll, and then place the rolls inside the box—a great way to avoid messy tangles!

-For small, in-ear or ear-bud headphone storage, use an empty Scotch tape roll. Simply wrap the headphones around the roll so that the ear-buds can be easily dispensed. You can also use old spools of thread for ear-bud headphones; wrap the cord around the spool and place the ear-buds inside.

Happy summer travels!

A. Noelle is the managing editor and staff writer for Savvy Auntie, the first community for cool aunts, great aunts, godmothers and all women who love kids. She is a contributor to the Chelsea Foundation‘s online magazine, Chelsea’s Beacon, and is the founder and manager of Chelsea’s Blog, a site dedicated to helping parents, guardians, and educators discover more effective methods for building lasting and meaningful relationships with children. Connect with her on Twitter @AudreyNoelani.

Photo: iStockphoto


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