5 Children’s Magazines for Nieces and Nephews

Originally published on Savvy Auntie.

October is Children’s Magazine Month! If you’ve been looking for a new way of encouraging reluctant readers to put down the remote and explore some literary landscapes, consider introducing them to a new reading format. Give the gift of a children’s magazine subscription and dive into the short stories, poems, riddles, and activities offered, or have your nieces and nephews submit for publication their own written masterpieces or illustrations!


Kiki: For Girls with Style and Substance, winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award for Spring 2013, promotes style for girls (ages 8-15) that is both positive and empowering. The issues feature profiles of people in fashion and include DIY crafts, recipes, and contests. No gossip. No dating. No sensuality. This magazine is committed to supporting young girls and can serve as a great tool to help you raise strong, capable, and confident nieces. Are they writers, artists, or designers? Kiki accepts articles, illustrations, artwork, or photos from readers over 14 years old; younger contributors need permission from an adult.

National Geographic Kids and Little Kids

Published annually by the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Kids is written for children (ages 6-14). A spin-off, National Geographic Little Kids, specifically targets the pre-k age group, featuring “Curiosityville Clubs” that introduce kids to various core skill sets (e.g., Pablo’s Art Club and Ruby’s Book Club). Nieces and nephews can participate in online activities or play games that are designed to help them build skills for school while their favorite Auntie monitors their progress and reports back to parents.

Ranger Rick

An Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award Winner and a Parent’s Choice Award recipient, Ranger Rick is published by the National Wildlife Federation and recognized as the leading nature magazine for kids (ages 7+). This year the magazine won the Gold Award for Best Educational Innovation: Ranger Rick’s Tree House. The October 2013 issue features the red fox in “Fox for All Seasons” and takes a peek at Hawaiian monk seals hidden away in The Aloha State’s Northwestern Islands. You can check out the family fun crafts, recipes, activities, and apps available on the Ranger Rick website.

Creative Kids

Creative Kids: The National Voice for Kids is a quarterly magazine by kids for kids (ages 8-16). This is an interactive magazine that includes brain teasers, contests, and other activities to encourage creativity. CK accepts original submissions, such as short stories, poetry, plays, songs, cartoons, and artwork, from students across the nation.

Chelsea’s Beacon

Founded by The Chelsea Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization, Chelsea’s Beacon publishes short stories and illustrations based off of a fictional fantasy world known as Castle Land:

Somewhere high in the sky, two pelican breaths away from the last snow peaked mountain, there lies a mystical land that many children have seen. […] In Castle Land, there is everything a child could want: playgrounds, laughter, advice, a helping hand or a perfect place just to feel safe.

Written primarily for elementary school students, Castle Land tales focus on educational subjects like math, social studies, and art. Children are encouraged to submit original stories, poems, and artwork to be published in the magazine.

Photo: KOMUnews via photopin cc


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