5 Charitable Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Originally published on Savvy Auntie.

Embrace the spirit of giving during the holidays, and consider buying gifts that give back for your nieces and nephews. Since the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weeks and weekends have kicked off this year’s season of spending, many have been caught up in waves of weekly sales from popular children’s brands. Instead of diving into the in-store shopping fray, Savvy Aunties should consider taking a bold step and opting for charitable presents that deal important life lessons to kids.

1. Threadless Causes

5 Charitable Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids A Noelle 1 Savvy Auntie

Each t-shirt purchase from the Threadless Causes Collection supports a specific cause. Nieces and nephews will enjoying sporting “clothing with a conscience” while learning more about the charities or organizations that benefit from the sales.

Photo: horizontal.integration via Flickr cc

2. Common Threadz

5 Charitable Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids A Noelle 2 Savvy Auntie

Common Threadz helps feed, clothe, and empower disadvantaged children around the world through community development programs. Each t-shirt or accessory purchased from this non-profit provides a school uniform to an orphan in Africa or meals for one month. T-shirts ordered from the Orphan Collection come with the child profile of the orphan who benefits from the purchase.

Photo: africa

3. Krochet Kids

5 Charitable Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids A Noelle 3 Savvy Auntie

Krochet Kids intl. works to empower the women of Northern Uganda and Peru with the education and skills necessary to rise up from poverty. Every product is hand-signed by the woman who made it, and kids can visit the site to learn more about how their present has directly impacted the woman and her family.

Photo: africa


5 Charitable Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids A Noelle 4 Savvy Auntie

TOMS One for One Campaign promises that with every product purchased, TOMS will help a person in need. Nieces and nephews will be happy to learn that the purchase of their new Nepal Boots or Vegan “No Leopards Harmed” Flats has helped improve the health, education, and well-being of another child.

Photo: tjstaab via Flickr cc

5. The Hunger Site

5 Charitable Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids A Noelle 5 Savvy Auntie

Each item bought from The Hunger Site funds at least 25 cups of food for the hungry through the following charities: Feeding America and Mercy Corps. A member of the GreaterGood Network, this site offers a variety of products from fair trade toys and “green” or eco-friendly clothing to specialty gift items shipped directly from the artisans in Africa.

Photo: imagerymajestic

What are some of your favorite charitable organizations? How do you plan to give back during the holidays? Please, share your comments!



  1. Nice post! I think these types of charitable communities that offer gift donation for helping those in need are very worthwhile. Thanks for sharing this motivational post!

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